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In 2001 Milène Sicca, head of the company, proposed a project to the bankruptcy division of the Lawcourt of Como. This business idea consisted of better credit management in insolvency proceedings and brought benefits to bankruptcy trustees.

The project was a success and has been used by many other Italian courts, extending both the range of services offered to business information and asset surveys on Italy and abroad.

The reports have a fundamental utility in evaluating the conditions in order to carry out liability actions, revocatory actions, simulation actions or obtaining a precautionary measure in the event of a delay in default, rather than evaluating whether or not to proceed with the closure of the Procedure pending judgments pursuant to art 118 LF.

Currently, in addition to boasting collaboration with many of the most accredited Italian professional practices, the Bankruptcy Sections with which we have more consolidated collaborations are:
Milan, Lecco, Monza, Como, Bergamo, Brescia, Busto Arsizio, Varese, Verona, Reggio Emilia, Benevento, Mantua, Pavia, Trento, Locri, Cuneo, Asti, Macerata, Rome and Genoa.