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For Professional Offices

We support Professional Offices in the creation of information and data reports requested by customers or for anti-money laundering purposes.

In this field our services are:

  • Asset Assessments
  • Commercial information
  • Money laundering

For Bankruptcy Procedures

As a specialist company pursuant to art 104 ter LF, we carry out the following types of information services:

  • Due Diligence for the estimate of realization of credits
  • Verify on the existing and past real estate assets of the debtor, as well as other properties such as cars and other vehicles
  • National identification of registered vehicles / tenants and any liens
  • National identification of vehicles registered with the Ministry of Transport
  • Estimate of the commercial value of the assets found
  • Sworn appraisal of the property - CTU
  • Filing documents in the Conservatory
  • Evaluation investigations integrated with Risk Intelligence tools and anti-money laundering checks (Legislative Decree 231/2007 and subsequent).

Consultation for anti-money laundering purposes of the SGR Compliance CH Data Base:

  • Anti-money laundering registered in Italy
  • Italian anti-money laundering company
  • International PEPs
  • International PEPs
  • Sanction Lists
  • Legal Enforcement - Warning List
  • Financial advisors removed/suspended by Consob
  • SGR PIL Italian politicians
  • Inhibited sites
  • Bitcoin

For Companies

We are in possession of analysis tools and know-how that allows us to level the information asymmetries by providing a complete and comprehensive picture of the client and supplier's financial and equity situation.

Our investigations allow the recovery of data and assessments with subsequent processing of estimative analyzes structured according to each need and with different progressive degrees of deepening.

We support companies with the following activities:

  • Pre-supply preventive checks: customer risk and credit risk
  • Preventive asset checks for extra judicial and judicial recovery
  • Supplier solvency and reliability check - Vendors List
  • Geomarketing
  • Web reputation
  • Verification of the trend in the product sector to which it belongs
  • Positioning with respect to the sector to which it belongs
  • Performance of the main competitors