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For 30 years we have been managing unpaid financial credits deriving from mortgage loans, unsecured loans, consumer credit and leasing.

Thanks to the knowledge acquired in these years, our company organization is now able to manage large volumes of unrecovered credits and guarantee the best result: excellent customer management, respect for privacy, preventive evaluation of the offers of settlement, drafting of the settlement agreements, verification of the recovered titles and management of the sensible data with collection of supporting documentation.

We manage with excellent results positions related to periodic payments few weeks old, watchlist (UTP) and non-performing loans.

The activities carried out for banks and financial intermediaries can be summarized as follows:

  • Phone collection
  • Home collection
  • Analysis of old unrecovered debts and the conditions for proceeding with recovery
  • Receipt reporting
  • Unrecoverable debts reports
  • Re-establishment of direct bank withdrawal methods (RID) eventually domiciliating the coordinates at a new address. Man made verification and correction of the client's personal data and telephone numbers
  • Monitoring and analysis of suspected anomalies behind which scams or other problems may hide
  • Accounting of collections on the client's management system and bank accounts
  • Commodity check consisting in checking the post-sale phase allowing, thanks to a direct phone call to the customer, to verify the delivery and compliance of the goods supplied, the correct compilation of the personal and contractual data and the bank details for payments with RID and Ri.Ba.
  • Compliance and anti-money laundering support