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GIB ITALIA SERVICE has been founded in Como in 1990 from the initiative of Milène Sicca. The main activity in the early years was home debt collection on the behalf of leasing companies and banks.

In 1996 Milène Sicca participated as founding member in the constitution of the first trade association AIIREC / UNIREC (national union for credit recovery and business information) belonging to Confindustria Roma, subsequently becoming president and head of legal studies.

In few years, from debt collection Milène Sicca leads the company to operate on many other fronts, among which the bankruptcy proceedings. For that reason, in 2001 a team of experts and qualified personnel was created. That team now operates competitively with procedures for the reconstruction and recovery of credit assets, the expertise of realization of credits and the estimation of other corporate assets.

The subsequent entry in FEDERPOL (Italian Federation of Private Institutions for the Investigations and Information Security) has permitted to create collaborative networks with foreign colleagues on site, in addition to the benefits of continuous training supplied by the association.

Currently, the services provided cover different areas: business information and asset investigations, credit appraisals, geo-marketing, anti-money laundering, credit recovery, M&A assistance and training in insolvency law.